Kurt Nelson

Serializing Ecto Changeset errors to JSONAPI in Phoenix

It took me a good while to figure out ecto's format for changeset errors. It turns out that if you have certain types of validations, each error message returned is in the format %{"should be at least %{count} characters", [count: 8]}. Unfortunately...

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Stop Stuffing The Web Into Mobile

I keep having people ask me questions about all the various SDKs-of-the-day that allow someone to write a mobile app without having to learn a mobile SDK. My answer hasn’t changed and will not change any time soon: If you want to write a mobile app...

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The State of the Weariverse

Every day, it feels like there's some new fitness tracker with a slightly different set of sensors and an entirely new app/API/website/life-changing-experience/yet-another-account-to-set-up. And fitness trackers are only the most popular bastion of...

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Exploiting the QBOT Rewards System

I emailed multiple managers at Georgia Tech Dining about a month ago about this vulnerability to give them time to fix it. As of 9/12, they still have not fixed it so I am disclosing the vulnerability publically

For this school year, Georgia Tech...

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A Spam Dissection

Occasionally, I get an actually semi-well constructed piece of spam that is interesting to look at and see how they are hooking you into clicking their link, how they got that link, and how google can tell it is spam.

Here's the original email, in...

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