Kurt Nelson

AAAA for TinyDNS PHP Function

TinyDNS has no native support for IPv6 so adding AAAA records is odd. These 3 PHP functions will generate the records for you allowing you to integrate them into your DNS/DHCP management system and sync with TinyDNS.

Available as a GitHub Gist Python...

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FouTube Like Jacking

Like Jack Demo I've been noticing tons of friends getting like-jacked on Facebook recently. The scheme they are getting hit with is very simple and super easy to fall into if you are not aware of it. Basically, any page can cause you to like it purely...

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PHP Country Code Array

I spent awhile searching for a PHP array of the 3 character country codes and name to use for a dropdown, but could not find one formatted well. So I did some VIM-fu with some PHP and here it is:<!--more-->

array( "AND" => "Andorra", "ARE" => "United...

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Rooted Froyo on Nexus One

Yep, I already have Froyo (Android 2.2) running on my Nexus One. It is very easy to do even if you want to run a rooted non-stock version.

  1. Back the phone up. The upgrade process will wipe the entire phone. I use and recommend Titanium Backup....

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