Kurt Nelson

A Brief Vacation from Reality

She sits quietly next to me, the wind blows in and she pushes her hair behind her ear in an attempt to quelch the wildness of it. Whenever she does this she looks over in my durection ever so slightly, checking to see if I notice. I do, but she does...

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Memories to Prose

Pure prose flows from within. The world comes in and the world comes out. The little thinking machine has such a large capacity for memory, but unlimited capacity for creation. We can sit down at any time of day and make from our memory new memories...

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A Single Pot

He gives me the power to bring light with me wherever I go, visible to all but accepted by few. Why don't more carry it with them; wearing it in their eyes, their voice, their breath, their being?

Instead they carry darkness with them; a burden on...

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The Wave

I'm on a large ship, sitting on the deck, talking to her. Out at sea, you can see the true night. Looking in all directions, nothing but a black pool and a gray pool meeting on the horizon. We look up, and see not just tiny sparking dots, but years...

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Swimming Sick

I feel like I am in a swimming pool, swimming around the bottom. I hear only the high pitched whine of my nervous system, and the deep hum of my heart pumping. I'm holding my breath as long as I can and barely staying afloat. I can barely remember...

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