October 8, 12:00am

A Perch

He's on a perch looking down at the room that is jumping for JOY! I'm in there somewhere, but it doesn't quite feel like here. But I start moving ever so slightly with the crowd, starting to feel the presence. It's here, but am I? No one is still....

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September 19, 12:00am

Apple (doesn't) Care

At Highgroove, we all have company Macbooks. I had a Macbook of my own once upon a time, and thus had an apple id with some purchases on it and about $20 credit. So of course, the reasonable thing to do is to hook it up to my new one. But in the years...

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September 17, 12:00am

Outer Sanctum

The clouds go by, flowing fast between the buildings. A light drizzle is ongoing, just a slight pit-pat on the trees. In the distance, spotlights scan the clouds trying to draw attention to some unknown attraction.

Down on the corner sits a man, in...

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July 12, 12:00am

PulseAudio CLI

On my systems, I always have audio control battles. At the end of the day, I want a single CLI command I can run to raise/lower volume, mute, and get current status. This way I can map these to keyboard buttons or perform them over SSH on all my machines...

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July 8, 12:00am

A Good Move for Dining

Georgia Tech Dining recently tweeted that they are looking to hire students, which should be an excellent move towards providing better quality of service.

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