Wordpress is widely used and there are many hosting services for it, but you can easily run it on a VPS with only 256MB of RAM if you use nginx and PHP-FPM instead of the more widely used apache plus mod_php. Unfortunately there are a few tweaks that...

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November 26, 12:00am

The Question

What is, what is not, what is to be, what was, what is. That is the question now.

For what purpose, what reason, what sub-concious yearning, what illicit thought do we act? For what we do now matters later not yesterday, so our thoughts should not...

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November 24, 12:00am


Beauty is what the eye sees and the brain believes is wonderful. In every case it is different, for some it is only pure nature, while for others it might consist of man-made cities. Either way, what is beauty does not matter, only that it is. Beauty...

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November 23, 12:00am

The Ivory Tower

I walk along the street, and come across something different. The sidewalk I have been on is cracked, dirty, old, brittle, so many have walked on it, and it has always been in the same sad state of affair. No maintenance, no attention, desolate sidewalks...

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November 4, 12:00am

Encouragement for a stranger

I knew him in high school, but not that well. We were incredibly different people then, and still are now, but somehow, God brought him here. To party. But not just to party, to lea d the party, to pour everclear into girls' faces, to get a friend...

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