Kurt Nelson

Shifting Planes

Flat circles, moving around on a plane. A stack of 8 planes on top of one another, touching but unrelated. A new circle grows from a point, expanding, moving, but never translating between the planes. The planes shift, their transparent figures masking...

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A Spam Dissection

Occasionally, I get an actually semi-well constructed piece of spam that is interesting to look at and see how they are hooking you into clicking their link, how they got that link, and how google can tell it is spam.

Here's the original email, in...

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Fake Kroger Plus Card

So I got frustrated at having to keep track of and carry around a Kroger Plus Card, and I didn't want to have to register one with my personal details so I could use the alternate ID system. So I setup an anonymous card today with an alternate ID of...

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The Night Reigns

Oh the beautiful night sky, marked by the tall rectangles jutting out into it's nature. The pure sound of the night, interuppted by sirens and vehicles and construction. This city is not pure, this city is broken. This city cannot stand forever, but...

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The bench on our street

I'm sitting outside on a bench, a bench I've been sitting outside on for hours now. From here, I can see so many, so much more than enough to keep my mind occupied. All walks of humanity walk by, some with their kids, some with their lover, some with...

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