Kurt Nelson

The Night Reigns

Oh the beautiful night sky, marked by the tall rectangles jutting out into it's nature. The pure sound of the night, interuppted by sirens and vehicles and construction. This city is not pure, this city is broken. This city cannot stand forever, but...

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The bench on our street

I'm sitting outside on a bench, a bench I've been sitting outside on for hours now. From here, I can see so many, so much more than enough to keep my mind occupied. All walks of humanity walk by, some with their kids, some with their lover, some with...

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Loop of the Mind

An infinite loop of the mind. A dream that mixes the reality of your bed with the illusions of your subconscious. You can get trapped in a situation in a dream and not escape until the reality of it sets in, that you have a real problem that must be...

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Setting up nginx + PHP-FPM for WordPress on CentOS/Red Hat EL 6

Wordpress is widely used and there are many hosting services for it, but you can easily run it on a VPS with only 256MB of RAM if you use nginx and PHP-FPM instead of the more widely used apache plus mod_php. Unfortunately there are a few tweaks that...

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The Question

What is, what is not, what is to be, what was, what is. That is the question now.

For what purpose, what reason, what sub-concious yearning, what illicit thought do we act? For what we do now matters later not yesterday, so our thoughts should not...

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