Kurt Nelson

A Fairer Way to Compensate

Having just moved from dirt cheap Atlanta to Sillycon Valley for a new job, compensation has been on my mind. I finagled a compensation “raise” but by the time the roughly 80% cost of living adjustment and cash/stock balance is taken into consideration...

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Serializing Ecto Changeset errors to JSONAPI in Phoenix

It took me a good while to figure out ecto's format for changeset errors. It turns out that if you have certain types of validations, each error message returned is in the format %{"should be at least %{count} characters", [count: 8]}. Unfortunately...

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The Steps Above

I wake up to her steps, fall asleep to them, eat to them, bathe with them there, cook, TV and socialize. Her tiny steps are a part of my life; a clock ticking in the ceiling letting me know that yes, someone else is there. Someone else is living and...

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Stop Stuffing The Web Into Mobile

I keep having people ask me questions about all the various SDKs-of-the-day that allow someone to write a mobile app without having to learn a mobile SDK. My answer hasn’t changed and will not change any time soon: If you want to write a mobile app...

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It's A Big World After All

Small me crosses a big world; the big world that we are circumscribed in. In a matter of mere hours we can seemingly vanquish this world, envelope all of it in one human mind, all that is needed is a miniscule metal tube jetting across it.

But even...

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