Kurt Nelson

The Steps Above

I wake up to her steps, fall asleep to them, eat to them, bathe with them there, cook, TV and socialize. Her tiny steps are a part of my life; a clock ticking in the ceiling letting me know that yes, someone else is there. Someone else is living and...

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Stop Stuffing The Web Into Mobile

I keep having people ask me questions about all the various SDKs-of-the-day that allow someone to write a mobile app without having to learn a mobile SDK. My answer hasn’t changed and will not change any time soon: If you want to write a mobile app...

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It's A Big World After All

Small me crosses a big world; the big world that we are circumscribed in. In a matter of mere hours we can seemingly vanquish this world, envelope all of it in one human mind, all that is needed is a miniscule metal tube jetting across it.

But even...

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The State of the Weariverse

Every day, it feels like there's some new fitness tracker with a slightly different set of sensors and an entirely new app/API/website/life-changing-experience/yet-another-account-to-set-up. And fitness trackers are only the most popular bastion of...

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Bias Towards Action

For what purpose, what reason, what sub-concious yearning, what illicit thought do we act? For what we do now matters later not yesterday, so our thoughts should not be in the past, but merely use the past as a corpus to decide the future. For the...

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