Every day, it feels like there's some new fitness tracker with a slightly different set of sensors and an entirely new app/API/website/life-changing-experience/yet-another-account-to-set-up. And fitness trackers are only the most popular bastion of...

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March 31, 11:34pm

Bias Towards Action

For what purpose, what reason, what sub-concious yearning, what illicit thought do we act? For what we do now matters later not yesterday, so our thoughts should not be in the past, but merely use the past as a corpus to decide the future. For the...

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January 15, 11:28pm

At the Stool on the End

A man just sits at the bar the whole night, at the stool on the end. People hover around him, never really stopping to talk. He drinks out of a distinct glass, the only one of its type in sight: a tall round glass with a handle sticking cleanly out...

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As someone who has actually worked at Walt Disney World in all 4 parks, I have some problems with the current BuzzFeed post going around.

  1. There are not tunnels under "Disney World". There are tunnels under the Magic Kingdom, and a small tunnel under...

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  1. Someone actually has the job of deciding if the list should be 6, 7, 8, or 9 things, and how many memes to include.

  2. Everyone knows that Top X lists are what happens when a room full of writers is completely out of content yet still has a piece due...

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